Indian Geography for UPSC

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About the course

Welcome to the "Comprehensive Study of Indian Geography" course designed specifically for aspirants of the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) Group 2 examination. This meticulously crafted course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the geographical features, climatic patterns, and socio-economic aspects of India, ensuring that you are well-equipped to tackle the geography section of the Group 2 exam.

Key Highlights:

1. Geographical Regions of India:
   - Explore the diverse physiographic divisions of India, ranging from the Himalayan mountain range to the coastal plains and plateaus.
   - Understand the geological and topographical features that shape the Indian subcontinent.

2. Climate and Weather Patterns:
   - Delve into the climatic zones of India, examining the monsoon system, seasonal variations, and the impact of geographical features on weather patterns.
   - Analyze the influence of factors such as latitude, altitude, and distance from the sea on India's climate.

3. Natural Resources and Biodiversity:
   - Investigate the rich natural resources present in different regions of India, including minerals, forests, and water bodies.
   - Explore the diverse flora and fauna, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity conservation.

4. Human Geography:
   - Study the demographic profile of India, including population distribution, density, and migration trends.
   - Examine the cultural diversity, languages, religions, and regional variations that characterize the social fabric of India.

5. Economic Geography:
   - Analyze the economic activities across various regions, focusing on agriculture, industry, and services.
   - Understand the regional disparities and development challenges, with an emphasis on government policies and initiatives.

6. Infrastructure and Transport:
   - Explore the transportation networks, including roads, railways, and waterways, that facilitate connectivity and development.
   - Study the role of infrastructure in promoting economic growth and regional integration.

7. Current Affairs and Contemporary Issues:
   - Stay updated on recent developments and contemporary issues related to Indian geography.
   - Discuss and analyze the geographical dimensions of current events, ensuring relevance to the APPSC Group 2 exam.

By the end of this course, you will have gained a comprehensive knowledge of Indian geography, enabling you to approach the Group 2 exam with confidence and a solid understanding of the subject matter. Engage in interactive sessions, quizzes, and practical examples to reinforce your learning and enhance your geographical prowess. Join us on this educational journey to master Indian geography and excel in the APPSC Group 2 examination!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do I have access to the Course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course till Life Time - across any
device you own

2. What if I am unhappy with the course?

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3. Does this course include books/handouts?

Yes, this course includes handouts for each topic along with the video lectures.

4. Do I need to read NCERTs or other standard books after joining this course?

No doubt! NCERTs and some standard books are extremely useful in clearing this exam, but all
the information that you require to know from Ancient Indian History module is covered in this
course in the simplest way and in a structured format. Still you like to read other books, you
can do that. In fact, after following this course, you can read these books much faster and can
understand better.

5. How Can I Remember All The Information Provided In These Videos?

First, the course is prepared using Imaginative Visual Approach to give you a feel of watching a
movie. Moreover, the concepts are well ordered and structured in a systematic way, that can
make your preparation simple and helps your mind retain the things automatically. Still some
topics demand you to remember certain basic facts, so we are providing summary videos of
all the topics for quick revision (absolutely at no extra cost). So, the entire summary of the
course is provided in just 4 hours for quick revision.

6. Do I need to take notes while watching videos?

Absolutely No! We want you to enjoy the course just like a web series and concentrate on the
logic and concept instead of engaging your mind in taking running notes. We provide you a
beautiful handout for each topic. No doubt, your own notes will be more useful to you for
quick revision before the exam, but it should be taken after you understand the nature of the
exam (which you automatically realise after going through half of the course). After you get
familiar with the topic (you automatically get it after watching the video and Summary), we
recommend you to take a sheet of white paper and write down all the points of that topic that
you know. This practice in fact makes you more clear with the concept, boost your confidence,
and greatly helps you while writing mains answer. For more details about notes taking strategy,
follow our free guidance program.

Course Features

Learn from Basics

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Mains Answer Writing Practice

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